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Do you love singing but feel a bit shy about your voice? beginner vocal course is designed to gently help you increase your self-confidence, self-esteem, vocal skills and enjoyment of singing – all while connecting with others in an encouraging atmosphere. For ages 21+.

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Online Lessons

KSOM are well equipped to meet your needs both onsite and offsite. We currently employ the use of Zoom, Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts to offer online lessons to our remote students. Technology is a wonderful thing! It ensures that your musical progression is nurtured regardless of where you are located. To facilitate this, students are required to have their own instrument and access to at least one device capable of an uninterrupted stream, and preferably a second device (for vocalists).

Performance Opportunities

KSOM offer performance opportunities regularly. We believe performance is a vital part of musical education and the art of performance is a skill that must be learned. We encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities, and provide them with a platform that is supportive and encouraging. In addition KSOM assist students in preparing for Trinity and ABRSM exams in both performance and music theory, and we encourage them to enter the Southland Competitions and Gold Guitar Awards yearly.

Some Examples of Current Performance Opportunities with KSOM

KSOM Celebration Concert – an opportunity to share and celebrate with family and friends in a supportive, café styled environment as an introductory platform for performing.

KSOM Junior Sharing – an opportunity for our younger students to share their repertoire with those they are closest to, in a warm and relaxed environment – creating a performance focus.

KSOM Performance Showcase – providing a platform for performance opportunities, in which students learn to plan their own set, dress the stage accordingly, create appropriate patter and focus on creating a unique, individual, polished performance persona.

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