Catherine Cambridge

Music & Movement / Music Awareness Tutor

My role with KSOM is preschool music and musicianship coordinator. I work with children aged from birth to 6 years. It’s such an honour!

Catherine Cambridge


Hi! I’m Katherine Cambridge (Call me Kat). I grew up travelling the world and have lived in some amazing places, discovered wonderful cultures and grown a fascination in languages.

I first fell in love with music when I was a little girl and I saw how singing made my grandma smile. While travelling I saw the Russian ballet and discovered how the same piece of music can come to life in so many different ways depending on a person’s interpretation and response to it. I have written and sung my way through life (my nickname at University was “the girl who sings” (I would even sing walking to lectures).

I play flute, keyboard, guitar, bass and clarinet and am currently challenging myself to learn the cello. Additionally I have qualifications in science especially geology and chemistry. I worked as a field researcher (Fiji) and a lab assistant (Otago University) until I became a mum. Science HAS its own language... it took me 4 years at Uni to learn it! But music IS a language of its own; one that speaks without words and can touch every heart regardless of age, gender or race. My role with KSOM is preschool music and musicianship coordinator.

I work with children aged from birth to 6 years. It’s such an honour! What I love most about working at KSOM is that I get to be with children. I get to be my wild, weird, wacky self, allow them access to music, instruments, and fun and ‘they’ call it work! Your children inspire me and I hope to inspire them too.


Meet The Rest of the Team

We are a fun and energetic group with years of experiencing behind us. We’re looking forward to assisting you on your musical journey and helping you reach your musical goals.


Kelly Kennedy

Founder / Owner

Kelly holds a Mus.B (Hons) in music from Otago University and founded Kennedy School of Music in 2012.


Cleo McNaught

Office Manager / Vocal and Piano Tutor

Cleo is our busy office manager – the bright and friendly first contact you receive when enquiring about our programmes.


Marcus Crowe

Piano / Vocal and Guitar Tutor

Marcus Crowe teaches piano, guitar and music theory for KSOM and has been a valued member of the team since 2016.


Eru Neal

Senior Vocal Tutor

Eru is currently working with the Kennedy School of Music after completing his Bachelor of Contemporary Music Degree with SIT.


Davi Amorim

Drum / Guitar / Ukelele and Bass Tutor

Davi Amorim is a Brazilian drummer and multi-instrumentalist and such a fun and valued member of the KSOM team.


Aliesha Park

Vocal and Keyboard

Aliesha Park is a contemporary vocalist with many years of experience both performing and recording.


Corinna James

Drum Tutor

Corrina James tutors Drums for KSOM and has had a longstanding love affair with music her whole life.


Nuwan Vithanage

Senior Piano Tutor / Violin / Viola and Cello Tutor

Nuwan Vithanage is a heavily qualified and highly experienced tutor. He joined KSOM in 2018 as a senior piano tutor and strings tutor.


Jenny Burke

Keyboard Tutor

Jenny Burke tutors piano and keyboard here at KSOM. She is currently in her final year of study at SIT, completing a performance degree in music.


Catherine Cambridge

Music & Movement / Music Awareness Tutor

My role with KSOM is preschool music and musicianship coordinator. I work with children aged from birth to 6 years. It’s such an honour!



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What Else Do we offer?

Mobile Education

We come to you! We have a small number of students who take lessons in their own homes and we partner with selected schools as required, providing private lessons for students who are unable to travel, on site at their school. We embrace this wonderful opportunity to ensure music lessons are accessible for everyone.

High School Level Music Theory Lessons (NCEA)

Exams coming up at school? Want a little extra tuition for added confidence? We are here to help. Our qualified tutors will assist you in understanding concepts covered and ensuring you have all the tools necessary to achieve your best result.

Kindy & ECE Visits

We meet with you to gain a clear understanding of your needs and put together a programme tailored specifically to your centre’s requirements. This may look like a ten week programme focussing on foundational skills, or perhaps a one off musical lesson as a treat for your children and an opportunity to introduce them to the wonderful world of music. This is a flexible programme designed specifically for you.

In School Consults

Consult with a KSOM Performing Arts Specialist. Specifically tailored to the needs of school teachers; designed to assist you with choir management, production, workshops and rehearsal planning. An opportunity to up-skill your musical teaching techniques.

Tutor Band

We are resourced with an incredible wealth of talent within the KSOM Tutoring team. Our experienced tutors will put together a personalised set to meet the requirements of your event. Whether you’re looking for atmospheric background music, upbeat covers, soulful duo’s or a stripped back acoustic vibe, our tutors are well known within the local scene and have the skills and experience to put together a bespoke musical experience for your unique event.

Audition Workshops

Do you have an audition on the horizon? Or entering the competitions or awards categories? Let us assist you in becoming audition ready. We address all areas including stage presence, performance anxiety, patter, vocal/instrumental health & hygiene, preparation and technique.

Why Should YOUR Child Learn Music?

Studying music contributes to the growth of a well-balanced child in sensitivity, expressiveness, and the spirit essential for functioning in a complicated world.

Confidence and Poise:

Music making offers children a chance to perform for (and with) others, and to develop confidence in their ability to make presentations for groups.

Creativity and Self-expression:

Music experiences often invite individual creative responses and encourage children's imagination in other creative endeavours.

Perseverance and Commitment:

As children become more skilled in singing, moving and playing instruments, they can see and hear the results of their efforts.


The many movement activities associated with music experiences develop both small muscles and large muscles. The awareness of internal steady pulse, coordinated with external movements, can help children regulate their behaviour.

Pride in Achievement:

Sharing music with peers and family reinforces the value of each child in the classroom, and children develop a sense of pride in their musical achievements

Concentration & Problem-solving:

Learning about music requires concentration and focus. When children are asked to analyse, compare and contrast sounds, they are actively engaged in problem-solving experiences.

Fun and Relaxation:

Singing, moving, playing instruments and listening to music are all enjoyable experiences. Music making can provide hours of personal entertainment and relaxation throughout one's entire life.

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